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Teaching Guides

You can now download Follifoot Farm(Jelly and Bean) guides for teachers and parents FREE as pdf documents.
The guides tell you the phonic learning objectives for each series.
They give the relevant vocabulary for each story. Please click on the appropriate guide below.

There are also two kinds of Level Charts available : Level Chart by Series and Level Chart by individual title.

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Reception A Series,Aseries Extra,A Digraphs Guide B Series, B series Extra Guide Follifoot First Words Series Guide Tom and Bella Series 1 Guide Pig Family Series Guide Follifoot First Words Series Guide
Rhyming C-V-C Series Guide Pig Family Blends Series Guide Follifoot Early Vowel Combinations Guide Combining Consonants Series Guide Follifoot Farm Sries 1 Guide Follifoot Farm Sries 2 Guide
Long Vowel Series Guide English Vowel Series Guide Follifoot farm Series 3 Further Vowel Combinations 100 high frequency words Worksheet